Book Review ~ John Paul II The Great Mercy Pope

I enjoyed the  book, John Paul II  The Great Mercy Pope Beatification Edition by: Fr. George W. Kosicki,  CSB with David C Came, with great interest. I have always been attracted to the Papacy of Blessed Pope John Paul II. He was Pope when I was newly married in the Church. As a young married couple my husband and I attended mass at Yankee Stadium when then Pope John Paul II was in NYC. I found this book to be laid out in such a way that it was easy to follow. I found that I was embraced into the contents of this book f rom Part I forward. By including the information about his beatification in Part I I think it acted as a building block on where Pope John Paul was leading us. It is then through the remaining parts that one will really get to learn who he was as a Pope and Teacher of Mercy. I could think of no better way to end this publication than with the legacy of Pope John Paul II and how he influenced the world and raised their awareness about Divine Mercy, and the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Finally, in conclusion the inclusion of how he influenced Pope Benedict was very enlightening.


This book is full of information about who Pope John Paul II was and how he influenced the world. I especially loved the way they included a list of all his papal writings and addresses.   Pope John Paul II not only left us with a legacy on how to approach our faith through Mercy and Forgiveness he was a living example of forgiveness. No better forgiveness story exists than the model of Forgiving and Forgiveness as outlined in Part III. I highly recommend this book to anyway who wishes to get to know Pope John Paul II more intimately and with great compassion.


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My Animoto Video

My Animoto Video.

7 Quick Takes Volume 7

Here are my 7 best intergenerational lessons that I have taught

— 1 —

Movements of the Mass

There are 4 movements of the mass

1) Gathering-

We gather to pray with one another. How do we pray with others?

2) Storytelling

We listen as the Word of God is shared. How do we share our stories with one another?

3) Meal Sharing-

We prepare the table, we pray the Eucharistic Prayer, and we participate in Communion with our parish family. We connect with our faith as it is practiced.

4) Sending Forth

We are commissioned by Christ to go and share with the world.

— 2 —

Table Comparison

We set two tables side by side to show the comparision of what we do in our Parish Church is mirrored in our homes…..

For the Parish Altar we use:

Altar Cloth, Priest Vestments, Chalice, Paten, Unconsecrated Host, Purificator, Lectionary, Candles

On  our Home Table we mirror the Altar with the following items:

Table Cloth, Apron, Cup, Plate, Bread, Napkin, Photo Album, Candles

— 3 —

Sacrament of Reconciliation with 4 stations

1) Forgiveness Wheel

2) Act of Contrition/Examination of Conscience

3) Story of Zaccheus

Have student reenact the scripture story

4) Parts of the Sacrament of Penance

— 4 —

Tour of the Church

We make stations throughout the Sanctuary. We have a station at each of the following places:

Baptismal Font

Stations of the Cross






Families are then invited to take a tour around the church. At each station I have an adult present to discuss the station and answer any questions.

— 5 —

Sacraments of Initiation

I have 3 stations; one for each of the Sacraments of Initiation.

Baptism- along with the symbols of baptism

White garment, Baptismal Candle, Picture of a community, Holy Water, Oil, 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit

Eucharist- Unconsecrated bread and wine, wheat, grapes

Confirmation- oil, candle, 7 giftboxes with each of the gifts of the Holy Spirit on them. At each station there are a series of questions about what do you see, where else do you see them , what does this sacrament mean to you.

— 6 —

Overview of the Sacrtament of Reconciliation with the following stations

1) Tour of a confessional

2) Law of Love/Ten Commandment Activity- This activity shows how the ten commandments and the Law of Love is connected

3) Prodigal Son Game- Read the Scripture Story about the Prodigal Son and then play the file folder game.

4) Sin or Accident Game- Give students various scenarios of sins and accidents and students will hold up a red strip of construction paper if it is a sin and green if it is an accident.

— 7 —

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Go over what the 7 gifts are and what they mean. Then give them 7 bags with 1 item in each bag and they have to decide which gift it represents and why.

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